St Patrick Rules & Regulations





  1. Grave ownership remains with the Cemetery Association, which is part of St. Catherine of Siena. When payment is made for a grave(s), the “owner” merely purchases the right to be buried in the grave space that has been clearly designated by the Cemetery Association. 
  2. When a lot is purchased, the name of the person(s) purchasing the lots must be given at that time. The Cemetery Association will record the name(s).
  3. The purchase price of one grave will provide for the burial of one (1) full body casket OR two (2) cremation urns.


  1. When a number of burial spaces are purchased, the purchaser (purchasers) may designate the family members who may be assigned burial spaces other than those assigned to the purchaser (purchasers). If the additional spaces have not been assigned prior to the passing of the purchaser (purchasers), the privilege of burial in said spaces shall be determined by their heir at law.


  1. No person shall be allowed to place a foundation for a monument without first seeking permission. Permission will be issued only through the Cemetery Committee.  Permission will not be issued for a grave marker/monument until it has been verified that the gravesite is paid in full.
  2. Foundations
  3. i) Single Grave Space: The foundation cannot exceed four (4) feet in length and must extend a minimum of ten (10) inches on each end and a minimum of six (6) inches in front and in back of a single headstone on a single grave.
  4. ii) Double Grave Space: The foundation cannot exceed eight (8) feet in length and must extend a minimum of ten (10) inches on either end and a minimum of six (6) inches in front and in back of a double headstone on a double grave.
  5. The monument shall cover only the spaces of the graves purchased, and must not extend beyond the width of the graves or lot in question. Additionally, no monument or marker may exceed forty-eight (48) inches in height.
  6. All markers and monuments must be in line with other markers and monuments. The second marker on a gravesite must be surface mounted (flush with the ground).  The foundation of a surface mounted marker must have a six (6) inch border.
  7. A permanent marker should be erected within a period of one (1) year from date of burial by a reputable monument company at which time all temporary markers will be removed.
  8. The monument company must contact the parish office or sexton to set an appointment for the laying of the foundation.
  9. Monuments are the property and responsibility of the family. As such, if a monument becomes unsafe or needs repair, an attempt will be made by letter to contact the owner of the lot or his/her heirs.  If no owner or heir can be contacted, the Cemetery Association reserves the right to take minimally necessary action, such as laying down a crumbling monument, to preserve safety.
  10. Catholic cemeteries are consecrated ground, and no markers placed on consecrated ground may detract from the Catholic faith in any way. Therefore, any images or symbols used as, or inscribed upon, monuments should be Christian in nature.  Secular symbols must receive prior approval from the parish office.  Anti-Christian, offensive, or other tasteless designs will not be permitted.


  1. NO trees or shrubs on or near the grave are allowed to be planted prior to possible approval of the cemetery association
  2. All containers, statues, metal posts, and veteran’s markers must be secured on the foundation. Perennials must be planted in pots or containers placed and secured only on the foundation.  No separate flower or wreath stands are permitted during mowing season.
  4. Only one shepherd’s hook is permitted per gravesite. If the shepherd’s hook cannot be mounted on the foundation, it must be placed in the ground as close as possible to either side of the foundation (not behind or in front of the headstone).  If not used on a yearly basis, will be removed and discarded
  5. Any plantings or decorations will be trimmed, removed, etc., if, in the judgement of the Cemetery Association, it is warranted due to conditions or for the appearance of the cemetery.
  6. The use of gravel or stone (crushed or pea type) around the monument/grave is expressly FORBIDDEN.
  7. Plastic/polyester flowers must be in plastic vases or containers placed on the foundation/monument only. No other plastic or faux flower arrangements are allowed.
  8. Statues: Statues may be made of concrete only. No porcelain, resin, or plastic statues are allowed.  Statues which are permitted: the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, or an angel.  NO animal lawn ornaments are allowed.  All statues must be attached to the concrete foundation on either side of the headstone.  All statues placed are the responsibility of the family or person who placed them there and should be maintained.  Any discolored or broken statues will be removed and disposed of by the groundskeeper as needed. 
  9. Spring cleanup must be done by April 1st each year. Any old flowers, decorations, etc., not removed by this date may be removed and disposed of.
  10. Summer Cleanup must be done by October 15th each year. Any old flowers, decorations, etc. not removed by this date may be removed and disposed of.


  1. A casket must be placed in an outer burial vault capable of withstanding the weight and pressure of the earth above and surrounding the vault.
  2. The only vaults that St. Patrick Cemetery will accept for burial are those supplied through a licensed funeral home due to the liability involved.
  3. No more than two (2) in-ground cremation burials may occupy a single grave space.
  4. Only one (1) casket may occupy a single grave space. No urns may be buried in-ground in the same space occupied by a casket.
  5. Burials do not take place at St. Patrick Cemetery on Sundays or legal holidays.

updated 3-1-22