2020 Basket Descriptions


  1. Pampering # 1  Pamper yourself with Cherry Blossom fragranced lotion, body cream & fragrance mist. Includes a loofah body sponge, a bath bomb, a bath scrubby and a gift certificate for a manicure from Sara Mildebrandt  Stylist & Nail Technician inside Steel Mangnolia. 
  1. “All You Need is Love…..and a Dog” (Donated by Erica Nelson)  Decorative sign, dog bed, bone shaped wall hooks, duck dog toy, Rae Dunn dog bowl, dog treats, bully sticks and chuck it ball.
  1. “Time To Snuggle” (Donated by Kathy Townsley)  Homemade blanket (Approx 47” X 33”), A Bear and her Baby hardback books and 10 other assorted bedtime books to read and snuggle.
  1. “Let’s Get Grilling!” 10 piece grilling set in cloth carrying case, grilling pocket thermometer and 2 grill lighters. Also includes seasonings: Bourbon Molasses, Maple Bacon and Blue Ribbon Chicken.
  1. “Chocolate, chocolate!”  6 different large chocolate bars, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, Cadbury chocolate, Dove chocolate and Ferroro Rocher chocolate. Also includes a tin of hot chocolate mix and 2 mugs for drinking it!
  1. Traveling Companions  Enjoy warm and safe car trips with a 12v heated travel blanket and an EverStart roadside emergency kit – everything you need in a carrying case!
  1. Autographed Packer Football  (Donated by the Green Bay Packers)  2019 Autographed packer football. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity  
  1. Kid’s Crafts  (Donated by Bairl Family)  Crafts for rainy days (or whenever) for kids. Includes Slime, Window Art, Weaving Loon and Rock art.  
  1. “Good Morning Sunshine!”  (Donated by Kathy Townsley)  Everything you need for a good morning: Folgers Classic Roast, Organic Coconut bites, Glazed Pecans, Fill ‘n Brew disposable cups, Black Tea bags, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, CoffeeMate, 2 mugs, 2 potholders, 2 microfiber scrubbers, whisk, pancake flipper and Hungry Jack Pancake mix.
  1. “Man’s Basket” (Donated by Lynn Herriot – Yellow House Realty) Ford cap, Planter’s peanuts, Canned corn and pears, BBQ sauce, Brendan’s Irish crème, Beer Pretzels and $10 gift certificate to Kwik Trip. 
  1. Bouncing Baby Bath Basket  (Donated by Diane Berndt)  2 Hooded Bath towels, Baby wash cloths, Johnson’s Heat to Toe Wash & Shampoo, Johnson’s Lotion, Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion, Johnson’s Baby Power, Bootie socks, baby care basics (brush, come & clippers) and Safety Bath Ducky (test temp of bath water). All in a closable plastic tote.    
  1. Family Game Night (Donated by Karen Stoberl) Yahtzee, Mastermind, Uno, I Spy Snap, Double Nine Dominos & Rainbow Jumbling Tower games for the family to enjoy. 
  1. Timber Rattler Tickets (Donated by the WI Timber Rattlers)    4 Bleacher Boucher tickets for the 2021 Regular Season of the Timber Rattlers.  
  1. Let’s Go Fishin’ (Donated by Bairl Family)  Zebco 2 piece fishing pole and a small tackle box. Also comes with $20 gift certificate to Holliday Food and Sport so you can start filling up the tackle box!  
  1. Working Man’s Basket (Donated by Bill Kartheiser) Set of Stanley sawhorses and a Medium Duty 25 ft. power cord. Just what you need to get started on some projects!  
  1. Kid’s Play Basket  (Donated by Erica Nelson)  Legos, coloring book, markers, crayons, Minions UNO game, Disney Cars 300 pc puzzle and 6 Hoyle kids card games.  
  1. Chips & Dip Time Wooden serving tray with 3 ceramic dip bowls and a wooden bowl for chips. Comes with tortilla chips and 2 types of salsa to help you get the party started!  
  1. You Auto Have a Shiny Car! Everything you need for a shiny car, inside and out, including the bucket! ArmorAll protectant, detailer, carpet & upholstery cleaner and glass cleaner. Also includes sponges, towels and drying towel!
  1. Marqaritaville!  Blender, margarita mix (plain and strawberry), salt and 2 large margarita glasses. NOTE: Does not include alcohol. 
  1. Handyman’s Helpers  89 piece Household tool set in a carrying case. Also comes with a 200 lumen work light to help out in dark places.  
  1. Date Night Basket  Fuzzy blanket, Do It Yourself candle making kit, All You Need is Love sign, wine from Vines & Rushes and 2 wine glasses.  NOTE: Must be 21 to win this basket
  1. Pampered #2  Sweet Apple Cider scented lotion, body cream & fragrance mist. Includes a loofah body sponge, a bath bomb, a bath scrubby and a gift certificate for a pedicure from Sara Mildebrandt  Stylist & Nail Technician inside Steel Mangnolia.
  1. Soup’s On!!  8 Qt. Stainless pot with Beef & Chicken “Better Than Bouillon”, 5 different soup mixes and a ladle! Just add water and supper is ready. 
  1. Your Own Personal Beerfest  (Donated by Brett Helmbrecht, avid homebrewer)  Brett will help the winner design and brew their own beer from scratch at his home brewery. Food & beverages will be provided for up to 4 guests during this process. The beer will then be provide for an event of winner’s choosing in a 5 gallon key (Approx. 50 beers) with dispensing equipment and ice. NOTE: Must be 21 to accept this prize.  
  1. Scentsy Surprise!  (Donated by Whitney Kuhn)  Scentsy Fall Foliage Mini Warmer with 3 wax bars: Pumpkin, Cinnamon Swirl, Candied Cranberry Pecan, Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Scent Circle: Caramel Apple Craze & Fall Décor.  
  1. Pasta! Pasta!  4 types of pasta, 3 sauces, grated parmesan cheese, a small grated for other cheeses and a pasta server, all in a metal strainer!  
  1. Be Thankful….    Fall décor with a thankful theme. Pillow, 2 wall plaques (Grateful & With God, All Things are Possible), a candle, a large pumpkin and 2 smaller pumpkins. 
  1. Let’s Make Cookies!  (Donated by Kathy Townsley)  Santa Cookie Jar, large mixing bowl, measuring cups/spoons, mixing spoons/spatula, cookie turner, Santa Kit, 2 cookie sheets, cookie rack, tin foil, Santa towel, oven mitt, microfiber scrubbers, Funfetti Sugar Cookie mix, Sugar Cookie mix, Snickerdoodle mix, Chocolate Chip mix, 1 pack recipe cards, 3 muffin mixes (triple berry, chocolate chip & blueberry), Funfetti Chocolate Fudge Icing, Funfetti Vanilla Icing & an Elf to help bake!
  1. Wine A Little Basket  (Donated by Erica Nelson)  Bottle of Rock n Wool wine from a winery in Poynette, 2 wine glasses, wine bottle stopper, Wine a Little Laugh A lot sign, 2 hand towels in a basket. NOTE: Must be 21 to win.
  1. Packer Fun!  (Donated by Marie Nelson)  Handmade 2 ½ X 2 ½ yd. Packer Tie blanket, Packer Mug w/cocoa and a Packer Mask.
  1. For the Birds  Bird feeder and 5 lb bag of Songbird food. Also 3-D Block feeder with 2 blocks of bird food. 
  1. Keep Christ in Christmas
  1. Garden Time  5 packets of herb seeds and 5 packets of flower seeds for next Spring. Also includes 2 cute metal planters, ready for you to write on with chalk & 5 lb. bag of MiracleGro Potting Mix.
  1. Meat Basket  (Donated by Brandon Meats)  $50 Gift Certificate to Brandon Meats.

How to buy chances on the baskets

S:\Diane\Fundraising\Oktoberfest\basket order form.docx

St. Catherine of Sienna Octoberfest Basket Raffles

Drawing will be held on Friday, Oct. 30  

Ticket Prices:   1 ticket = $1.00                              

6 tickets = $5.00                              

15 tickets = $10.00                              

35 tickets = $20.00  

Fill out order form below and on the back of this paper with your name and phone number. Let us know how many tickets you are purchasing and where you would like the tickets to go.  (forms are on the front porch of the office/a blue sheet and available in the weekend bulletin)

We will put the tickets with the proper basket as you request. Winners will be notified via phone after the drawing is held. They will also be posted on the website.  

Any questions contact the church office at (920) 748-2325, or Bets Olson at (920) 229-5385.  

Ticket Order Form  

Name: _________________________ Phone: ________________  

# of Tickets being purchased: ________________



# of tickets

1. Pampering #1


2.”All You Need is Love…..and a Dog”


3.”Time to Snuggle”


4.”Let’s Get Grilling!”


5.”Chocolate, chocolate!”


6.Traveling Companions


7.Autographed Packer Football


8.Kid’s Crafts


9.”Good Morning Sunshine!”


10.”Man’s Basket”


11.Bouncing Baby Bath Basket


12.Family Game Night


13.Timber Rattler Tickets


14.Let’s Go Fishin’


15.Working Man’s Basket


16.Kid’s Play Basket


17.Chips & Dip Time


18.You Auto Have a Shiny Car!




20.Handyman’s Helpers


21.Date Night Basket


22.Pampered #2


23.Soup’s On!!


24.Your Own Personal Beerfest


25.Secntsy Surprise!


26.Pasta! Pasta!


27.Be Thankful….


28.Let’s Make Cookies!


29.Wine a Little Basket


30.Packer Fun!


31.For the Birds


32.Keep Christ in Christmas


33.Garden Time


34.Meat Basket


Total Number of Tickets



Message from Archbishop on Mass Dispensation


Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena's Parish Website.  We would love to have you join our faith community, just click on the link to complete preliminary registration information under the new member tab above.   Our MIssion Statement...

We, as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church of Ripon, ever grateful for our rich heritage, empowered by our common Baptism and increasingly enriched through lifelong formation and spiritual growth, proclaim the love and teachings of Christ through the sacraments, prayer, worship and service.

Oktoberfest 2020

St Catherine of Siena Oktoberfest

Sunday, October 18th   11:00—3:00  (tentatively)

Parish Hall & Activity Center

Menu: Grill Pork Chop Dinner, Cheesy Ranch Potatoes, Squash, Red Cabbage, Applesauce Dessert and Beverage 

Cost $9.00 in advance  $10.00 at the door


Tuba Dan from 12:00-2:30

Basket Raffle (for a form go to the events tab above), “Rent A Table” to sell your crafts, products, etc Cost $25.00 per table Space is limited so call 920-748-2325 to reserve your table(s), Big Raffle (tickets available  $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00), Silent Auction, Martyr’s Mansion (in school complex), Mary’s Mantle, Parish Bake Sale

Drive Up Carry out on Blossom Street in front of Parish Office, 11:00 –12:30, Adult Meals only

 Any questions, contact the Parish Office at 920-748-2325

We will determine if this will be curbside the first of September.  Watch the website and facebook for updates



Mass Time Change

Reminder of the Mass Time Change starting this weekend August 15/16.

Masses will be

Saturday at 4 pm

Sunday at   9 am 

Welcome Back!


The Catholic Herald | July 7, 2020  By Fr. Jerry Herda, Vicar for Clergy, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

I recently had coffee with a friend who expressed deep, almost bitter, feelings regarding the Church’s response to COVID-19. He feels like our leadership has “caved” to society’s pressures and have made the priority to keep people safe more important than the need for people to be engaged in the sacraments, and has done some damage to the Church that will be challenging to overcome. Is he right?

Allow me to respond with a few thoughts. First, I am very saddened by how the coronavirus has divided our Church and divided our country. In my role as Vicar for Clergy, almost every day I deal with phone calls and emails from people, some complaining that we should allow communion on the tongue, and some complaining that we should not allow communion on the tongue. Some complaining that we should make masks at Mass mandatory, while others are complaining they don’t want to wear a mask. Some complaining that we should not have re-opened the churches, and others complaining that we are letting the government dictate the Church and we should never have closed the churches. The one thing I know for certain is the devil is working overtime to divide our Church.

Second, this virus is very different from most anything we have ever experienced. It is often referred to as the invisible enemy, and there is so much that we do not know about COVID-19. Some people without symptoms test positive for the virus and are hardly sick from it, while others get severely sick from the virus, some end up in the hospital and, unfortunately, some die from COVID-19.

So, let me tell you a little about the early conversations that the leadership of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee had about this pandemic. The discussion from the very beginning was that we, as a Catholic Church, are a pro-life church. We believe and teach that we should do everything in our power to preserve life. This seems obvious when we talk about abortion, but being a pro-life church also applies with this virus. The reality is that if you get the virus, there is a high likelihood that you are going to infect other people. If you infect the elderly and vulnerable, there is a possibility they are going to die. With this knowledge, we needed to do everything we could, as a pro-life Church, to keep people safe and to prevent the spread of this virus.

Unfortunately, too many people are taking a selfish approach to this virus. Their comments are “don’t tell me what to do,” or “I have the right to do what I want.” With this virus, the decisions we each make can have a profound effect not only on our life but on the lives of others as well.

There is little doubt in my mind that the Catholic Church will have challenging days ahead. So much of what we are doing as a Church is contradictory to what we have been taught. We are telling people to stay away from Mass. For those who come, we have been telling them not to sing, stay away from other people, no handshakes and no hugs. It all seems wrong, but we do so because we are a pro-life Church. We, as both individuals and as a Church, need to do everything we can to keep people safe and bring this virus to an end.


Local Churches and Resources

Local churches and resources including live streaming of the Mass and other prayer services

Holy Family Parish Fond du Lac - http://www.hffdl.org/

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist—Milwaukee - https://www.stjohncathedral.org/

Archdiocese of Milwaukee   -   www.archmil.org

TV/Radio resources on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Website - 


The Vatican   - http://w2.vatican.va/content/vatican/en.html

Formed - https://formed.org/

The Magnificat - https://us.magnificat.net/

The above links are free at this time, until we are through the pandemic.

You can also check out our website for links to additional catholic resources at www.stcatofsiena.org

Follow St. Catherine of Siena on Facebook and I will share any links I find for live streaming Masses, Prayers, Reflections, etc.


If you need anything from me, please give me a call at 920-748-5456 or email at [email protected] and I will see what we can do.


Stay Safe!


Guidelines for Masses at St Catherine of Siena

The Archbishop is relaxing or fine tuning some of the items in the

Catholic Comeback Matrix.

Weekend Masses

There is still plenty of room at the Masses and social distancing and sanitizing is working well.  Hope to see you soon at Mass.


Funerals – at this time we can have funerals in church with a limit of 25% capacity with social distancing

No Funeral Dinners prepared by the Christian Women at this time.

Daily Mass

Daily Mass is back.  Fr. Davies has decided that there will be two weekday Masses.  We have chosen Tuesday, the 4:30 pm Mass and Friday the 8 am Mass.  Masses will be in the chapel because of the sanitation necessary after Masses.  We believe we can accommodate everyone but if attendance grows we may have to change how we handle the weekday Masses.   Doors to the chapel will have to remain open, social distancing (6 ft.) will have to be maintained and Fr. Davies will go to the people to provide communion by the hand.  Hand sanitizer will be available at the door and masks are encouraged, just the same as in church on the weekend.

Prayer in the Chapel

We can let you into the chapel to pray if you wish.  Please call the office to reserve a time so that we don’t have too many in the chapel and it will allow us to explain what needs to be done and sanitized after you leave.

Fr Davies


If you need anything sacramentally, even if it is just to talk give Fr. Davies a call at 414-255-4060 or email at [email protected]


Follow St. Catherine of Siena on Facebook to links to Masses, Stations of the Cross, Devotions.

As I am aware of things I will share them to our Facebook page for all.



Mary's Mantle


Contact  for curbside pick up available under staff area


Mary's Mantle

located in the school building,


Wednesday from 2:30 to 3:20 pm,

Call parish office for additional times

Catholic Online Resources

2020 Catholic Stewardship Appeal


Mass Times

Saturday 4 pm (BLM)
Saturday - Confessions at 3 pm in the Chapel
Sunday 9 am (BLM)
Weekday Mass (St Anne Chapel)
Monday - No Mass
Tuesday 4:30 pm
Friday 8 am

Worship Sites

228 E Blossom St  (BLM)

St Anne Chapel  218 E Blossom St

Office Hours

Please call 920-748-2325
office doors are closed at this time
Located at 218 E Blossom St
Someone is usually in the office 8 - 4
with lunch from 12 to 1




There are no upcoming scheduled events.