Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena's Parish Website.  We would love to have you join our faith community, just click on the link to complete preliminary registration information under the new member tab above.   Our MIssion Statement...

We, as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church of Ripon, ever grateful for our rich heritage, empowered by our common Baptism and increasingly enriched through lifelong formation and spiritual growth, proclaim the love and teachings of Christ through the sacraments, prayer, worship and service.


Sacrament of Anointing

With our new parish leadership model, I would like to anticipate some of your sacramental needs as much as possible.   With that, I would like to schedule monthly anointing the first following the First Friday Mass each month following the 9:30 am Mass.  The Thursday preceding the First Friday will also have the sacrament of anointing available after the 4:30 pm Mass, for those who may be experiencing declining health, increased stress and anxiety, or having a scheduled medical procedure in their future.   You can also contact me and I can arrange for a sacramental visit with Fr. Jim, and I am available for a communion visit if you wish.  My contact information is on the front of the bulletin for your convenience.

In emergency situations, it may take a little bit to get a priest.

Going forward this can be changed based on the response and suggestions I receive.


We also looking at reintroducing adoration for the parish, the last full week of the month. Adoration will follow the weekday Mass on Wednesday, until 9:30 am and before the Thursday weekday Mass at 3 pm.  We are trying to find a time where more people can come and pray in the St. Anne Chapel and can adjust it if something else is more convenient to more people.  Let us know.







There are no upcoming scheduled events.

The Weekend Mass and Funeral Masses are live streamed through Facebook page.  To Access our Facebook page without having a Facebook account, click the Facebook icon on the top of this page next to Contact Us and it will take you directly to our facebook page!

Mass Times

Saturday 4 pm (BLM)
Saturday - Confessions at 3 pm in Church
Sunday 9 am (BLM)
Weekday Mass (St Anne Chapel)
Monday - No Mass
Tuesday & Thursday 4:30 pm
Wednesday 8 am
First Fridays at 9:30 followed by anointing

Worship Sites

228 E Blossom St  (BLM)

St Anne Chapel  218 E Blossom St


Office Hours

Located at 218 E Blossom St
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8 am - noon
Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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As I am aware of things I will share them to our Facebook page for all.



Catholic Online Resources

Local Churches and Resources

Local churches and resources including live streaming of the Mass and other prayer services

Catholic Churches near me -  Mass Near Me

Holy Family Parish Fond du Lac - http://www.hffdl.org/

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist—Milwaukee - https://www.stjohncathedral.org/

Archdiocese of Milwaukee   -   www.archmil.org

TV/Radio resources on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Website - 


The Vatican   - http://w2.vatican.va/content/vatican/en.html

Formed - https://formed.org/

The Magnificat - https://us.magnificat.net/

The above links are free at this time, until we are through the pandemic.

You can also check out our website for links to additional catholic resources at www.stcatofsiena.org

Follow St. Catherine of Siena on Facebook and I will share any links I find for live streaming Masses, Prayers, Reflections, etc.

If you need anything from me, please give me a call at 920-748-5456 or email at [email protected] and I will see what we can do.


Stay Safe!


Mary's Mantle

Mary's Mantle

located in the school building,

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