The Christian Women offer various scrip cards that we have in inventory and are able to order any card Great Lakes provides.

 A complete list is located at

We also have Websters Market Place, MArketFresh, and Culvers which we purchase locally.

If you would like to order, please contact Diane Nowinski, from the link on the home page.


Proceeds from the scrip program are reinvested into the parish  

The Missellettes (hymn books) used at Mass (approx.  $3,000)

The laundry and ironing of the white linens used at Mass daily ($600.00)

Vestment dry cleaning  ($150)

We have donated money to the lights at the Blossom Street worship site. ($4,000)

The FREE Parish Christmas Party. ($500)

Plants to the homebound in our Parish during the Christmas Season.  ($400)

Dues to the greater Archdiocese Women's Group—MACCW

including donations to the Burse Fund ($200) which is for the education of our seminarians.