Should you choose to be confirmed as a junior in high school, you will be proclaiming to God and the Church that you are ready and willing to live your life as Jesus lived his life - in service to others. Answering this call is more than a requirement for Confirmation; it is a requirement for anyone who calls him/herself Christian.  Participation in our service requirement will help one discover the gifts and talents he or she has to offer the world.  Hopefully, service will become a way of life.  

Our service requirement for high school students is as follows: Each year, a student should complete 2 projects, 1 project and 5 hours of service, or 10 hours of service.  By the time of Confirmation, 30 hours must be completed.  Service should be completed in the areas of: Family/Neighborhood, Parish, and larger community and/or world concerns.  

Each year, a list of service projects and ideas will be handed out to students and parents.  Here are some ideas that are always available: 

Family-Neighborhood Service: 

  • Babysitting
  • Shoveling snow
  • raking leaves
  • mowing the lawn
  • cleaning the basement/attic
  • organizing or helping with neighborhood projects
  • please note - in order for it to be service, no monetary compensation may be received. 

Parish Service:

  • Liturgical Ministries: lectors, music ministers, servers, ministers of hospitality (ushers), etc. 
  • Accompany ministers of the Eucharist to visit the sick, elderly, and homebound
  • Child care provider during religious education meetings
  • Parish fundraisers - Knights of Colombus/Christian Women Breakfasts, Garage Sale, Oktoberfest, Chicken Barbecue, etc. 
  • Chili Supper
  • Brat Frys
  • Religious Education Helper
  • Children's Church Catechist

Community Service: 

  • Father Carr's Soup Kitchen
  • Habit for Humanity
  • Broken Bread Soup Kitchen
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing
  • Santa Club
  • Lion's Club activities
  • Relay for Life
  • Nursing Home Activities
  • Walks or Runs for Charity Causes
  • Special Olympics
  • Red Cross
  • Diverse Options
  • Food Pantry Volunteer

There is a difference between charity and service.  Charity usually involves the giving of material items to those in need. While service may also involve giving of material items, it usually involves the giving of your time and energy to a project or group of people.  

If you have any questions about what counts as service, contact Melissa Sowinski.