First Eucharist and First Reconciliation

Students in Second Grade prepare for and receive the sacraments of First Eucharist and First Reconciliation. 

In addition to attending classes on Wednesday afternoons, students and parents attend meetings throughout the year in preparation.  

First Reconciliation:     
November 13   9:00 am First Reconciliation Session I for parents and students    
January 8   9:00 am First Reconciliation Session II for parents and students    
February 5   9:00 am, First Reconciliation    
First Eucharist:     
February 26   9:00 am, First Eucharist Session for parents and students    
March 26  First Eucharist Retreat 9-11:30 am    
April 30 First Eucharist Practice 9 am  
May 1  First Eucharist  Mass at 2 pm