Archdiocese Synod at St Catherine's

finalized plan reported to the Archdiocesan Synod Committee

1st year Synod Priorities

The proposed 1st year priorities from the April meeting were reviewed and finalized by the group.

Teaching Masses – expand the Teaching Mass format for all grades in religious education program.  Grades 1-2, 3-5,-6-9, and 10-11 explaining the significance of the various parts of the Mass at an age appropriate level during class time.

Develop an adult education session(s) of the Mass which will explain the significance of the various parts of the Mass and importance of it in our Catholic faith.

Need to Survey the congregation on a best time to get the most participation


Enhancing our “welcoming” faith community.

Prior to the start of Mass the Lector introduce themselves and their fellow lector (by first name) as well as the presider.  They will then read any announcements and then welcome visitors and guests to our parish community and invite them to introduce themselves to their neighbor in the pew before Mass begins. After a few minutes the cantor will announce the opening hymn and Mass will start.


Through this discussion it was suggested to do a parish directory and see what our options are at this time.  Suggestion was made to add this to the survey to see if the parishioners would like to pursue this as a 10 yr. anniversary edition as well as the best time to hold a “teaching mass” adult sessions.



first meeting of the group idea...


First proposed priority – Education of the Mass.  This has occurred in several RE classes and committee would like to do this parish wide.


RE area

  • Currently a teaching Mass for the 1st and 2nd Grade classes in the chapel.  Melissa and Father are working on incorporating teaching Masses for Grade 9, 10 and confirmation class.
  • Also looking at RE Family Night so parents of the RE students maybe done
  • Father Bob and Melissa will have more information on this at the next meeting.


Parish at large

  • Possibly develop the Lenten Series this coming year
  • Survey the parishioners as to a good night.  Tuesday may not be the best night of the week.  Maybe a Sunday evening when families could attend together.


Second Priority - to enhance our parish experience to become more welcoming and inclusive

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbor at the beginning of Mass
  • Start the first weekend in June
  • Father Bob will introduce what we are doing
  • Lector will read as part of the announcements and end with encouraging those at Mass to greet their neighbor
  • This would be done at the beginning of each weekend Mass
  • Lectors would also introduce those participating in the various ministries.
  • Diane will work on a blank template to be available at each Mass.
  • This will have to be handwritten because of the switching that does take place.


Communication of Synod Priorities and what St. Catherine is doing as a Parish

  • Need to develop handouts regarding the priorities in regards to the synod.  Hand them out at Mass after communion (?) by council members, synod implementation committee members, and ushers as needed.
  • Add to the parish website and reference it in the handouts